Monday, 26 June 2017

Part Seven! Various Artists - Decca Originals - The Girls' Scene (1999 Decca Records) Flac & mp3

Seventh part of the Decca series ''Decca Originals''. This part is called ''The Girls' Scene'' and Decca had released it in 1999. Like all the volumes of the series this release is also a very fine collection. Hope you will enjoy it. The only fly in the ointment is that i don't have the last two releases ''The Blues Scene'' and ''The Rock'n'Roll Scene''.

Note: You can find the two missing volumes ''Rock'n'Roll Scene'' & ''The Blues Scene'' in the comments. Reader BigGray was so kind to post the links. And here is the artwork for both.

Nevertheless a lot of fun,
                SB1         Flac p1Flac p2           mp3@320 p1  - mp3@320


  1. Thanks for the upgrades to the Decca Originals - here are The Blues Scene & The Rock 'n' Roll Scene. Both downloaded a few years ago & both @ 320. No scans or flac, sorry.

    The Blues Scene
    The Rock 'n' Roll Scene


    P.S. Just noticed that Track 1 on R'n'R Scene is duplicated. Please discard the one with the mis-spelt title.

    1. Dear Graham, thanks for the both volumes. I will do a note to your comment in the post.Your help is very much appreciated.
      Thanks again

  2. Thanks so much for these quality compliations.

  3. Thanks for the FLAC and scans of the booklet for this comp of 60's British female singers.

  4. Thanks for feturing this on your blog. Nice to see it's still appreciated 18 years on.

    1. Hello Ian, thanks for your comment and good music is appreciated in every time :-).
      Have a nice day!