Sunday, 18 June 2017

Great Powerpop From Peru: We All Together - We All Together 1973 (1997 Lazarus Audio Products) Flac & mp3

No date of release is given in the liner notes of the CD reissue of We All Together's first album, which was reportedly issued in 1972 -- but since it has a cover of a song from Paul McCartney's 1973 Band on the Run ("Bluebird") and since their second album came out in 1974, we can assume this is probably from 1973 or 1974. The Beatles, and particularly McCartney, fixation is obvious; they also cover a couple of obscure numbers from Wings' Wildlife album ("Tomorrow" and "Some People Never Know"), and throw in Badfinger's "Carry on Till Tomorrow" for good measure. Most of the album consists of original material, though, which is quite accomplished, well arranged, and melodic. What sets them apart from the leagues of other Beatles wannabes is that their song structures are usually not obviously derivative of well-known tunes by the real deal, and executed with a pretty unforced, natural ease. McCartney isn't the only one subject to tribute; "Dear Sally" has an echoey Lennon-esque hard rock vocal right from his Phil Spector-produced era, while "Ozzy" has a mock-Harrison slide guitar part. No, it doesn't get high marks for originality. But if you like late-'60s Beatles, early-'70s Beatles solo albums, and Badfinger, you'd be a fool not to try this on for size.(

Yeah what had happened if these guys were from the US or UK? We'll never know.
This is great Pop/Power Pop.  It's a pity that these guys hadn't more success.

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  1. I bought this CD at Midnight Records store in New York City in the early 2000's...the owner of Midnight Records, J.D. Martignon heavily promoted WE ALL TOGETHER to every customer who came to the store. Midnight Records closed its store in 2004. Then J.D. sold his CD's and LP's out of his apartment.