Thursday, 29 June 2017

Glam Pop!!! Foxy Shazam - Foxy Shazam (2010)

With a love for the musical excess of Meat Loaf and Queen, Foxy Shazam storm flamboyantly into the night with their third album, the eponymously titled Foxy Shazam. While the band is incredibly talented (especially the piano playing of Sky White), the show is really all about mustachioed frontman Eric Nally. Over the course of the album, Nally’s performance is an homage to the theatrical bombast of charismatic greats like Freddie Mercury and Russell Mael (with Nally bearing an eerie resemblance to the former). Backing up his big voice is the rest of the band, consisting of the standard rock setup plus piano and horns. The music combines the relentless drive and positivity of Andrew W.K. with the dramatic flair of Jim Steinman, with sweeping guitar riffs pushing the songs forward while the piano brings a pop sensibility to the whole thing. Given how big the presence of the music is, it’s really a testament to Nally’s over the top persona that he’s able to stand out among everything that’s happening in the background while somehow never feeling forced. Nally sings like a pop hero on songs like “Killin’ It” and “Wanna-Be Angel,” as if he’s confident he’s a superstar and whether or not anyone else knows it is inconsequential. With such a classic combination of pop and rock, this is an album that’s just dripping with crossover appeal, with big hooks for the radio and enough rock and emotion for the post-emo crowd to sink its teeth into.(

At first: here are great musicians at work. The whole album is a musically hommage to Rock'n'Roll, to rock heros, to R'n'R lifestyle and always with a wink. You think automatically to the guys with long curly hair, too tight glittering pants, guitar pose, screaming girls and aftershow parties where no one gets out alive, except he or she is a real rock'n'roller.
The band plays a kind of glam rock/pop (what else..) and they do it really good. The voice of Nally often recall to Freddie Mercury. This album not only makes a lot of fun, here are also very good songs on the album.
Enjoy it!
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