Monday, 5 June 2017

GarageSurfPower Pop by The Barracudas - Drop Out With The Barracudas 1981 (2005 EMI Gold Release, Remastered) Flac & mp3@320

Thematically, the Barracudas pushed hard a Southern California surf-rock image on their debut -- there's the cover photo, for one, and then there's a good chunk of the songs. Titles like the demi-hit singles "Summer Fun," "California Lament," "On the Strip," and "Surfers Are Back" are self-explanatory, while the deliciously campy "His Last Summer," detailing one dude's final big wave with Brit-accented asides, has got to win an award for being one of rock's best fake-tragedy stories. However, the Barracudas were more accurately a sharp balance between the harder-edge of new wave power pop and a freewheeling, mid-'60s L.A. revivalism. Rather than peeling off Dick Dale or Ventures-style riffs, or even trying much for the Beach Boys' early sound, the foursome combined some surf-tinged work with the Byrds' ringing exuberance, Love's more frazzled early garage stomps, and the kind of punk collected on Nuggets. When it all works, it rises from mere tribute status to being its own groovy kick, often resembling a more specifically '60-fixated version of the Church. Everything is original on Drop Out, though sources of inspiration aren't far off at any turn, however reused and remade. "Codeine" has a more epic swoop and cautionary feel than the Sonics gave to "Strychnine," and "I Saw My Death in a Dream Last Night" isn't quite the Electric Prunes, but the same sort of not-quite-borrowing crops up song for song, and not too badly at that. Some songs, such as "I Can't Pretend" and "This Ain't My Time," have just enough of a crisp kick to remind you that they were recorded in 1980 rather than 15 years earlier. Generally speaking, though, one song title sums up the entire fun spirit of Drop Out: "I Wish It Could Be 1965 Again." [EMI's 2005 reissue of the album adds five B-sides (including one of the band's signature songs "Surfers Are Back!") and seven songs recorded in 1981 but never released.](

Greatest Garage Pop band of all times? At least one of the best if it's possible to assess things like that. However they were a great band!
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  1. I already have this, but I just wanted to drop by and say that this is a kick-ass album. It finds its way into my daily playlist more often than not. Awesome stuff.