Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Garage/Power Pop: Kevin K - The Favourite Songs Of Mark R (mp3)

Hello Folks, today i will start with two powerful PowerPop/Garage bands. The first one is an artist i posted some days ago here on the blog, Kevin K.
Today it's a little special because i had a few days ago a chat conversation with Mark R. a band member of the New York City backing band of the wonderful Kevin K. In this talk i asked him about his favourite tracks by Kevin K. He told me and so later i did a sampler of the favourite tracks by a band member of Kevin K. I do this as a mark of my esteem for the music of Kevin K and hope you will like it, too. If you like the music of Kevin K please buy the music here  here and a lot other places in the net. (Frank)

Play loud for maximum fun!
          Frank          mp3@160~192

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