Sunday, 4 June 2017

At Request: The Sneetches - Blow Out The Sun (1994 spinART Records) Only mp3@320

Sneetches take pains to distance themselves from their '60s rave-up past; there's more to them than He's Frank. Naturally, a band fond of covering the Zombies -- we had to look at the songwriting credits here just to be sure that "What I Know" wasn't a Zombies' song we'd inexplicably missed -- can't resist throwing in a few throwbacks such as "...And I'm Thinking," and "All of Everything." But those come on the second half, and by then, they've established the new territory.

As hinted at by the dark-lit photos on the cover, most of this, such as the opening "The Weather Scene" into "Saving It for Me," and the closing "Try To Make It All Work," reflect a more reflective side, a more engrossed, effervescent, spiritual sound. Though no less melodic (almost Bacharach-ian) than their earlier efforts, by turning moody and dark, it's just less derivative (no matter how pleasant they were before). Nice progress, highly delectable.(

The Sneetches were one of the handful of bands in the U.S. playing classic British Invasion-inspired, mid-'60s West Coast-sounding guitar pop in the late '80s. Their short run of albums and singles never had a large audience, and they never found the major-label success they desired, but the band remains a hidden pleasure for fans of witty, melodically rich pop music.

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