Friday, 2 June 2017

Another one by TOTC: The Olivia Tremor Control - Presents Singles And Beyond (2000 Emperor Norton, Kindercore Records) Flac & mp3

Singles and Beyond, as the title suggests, collects most of the material the Olivia Tremor Control released before their first full-length, Dusk at Cubist Castle. Although the "band sound" is still coalescing, apparently all the ingredients were in place even from the start. Sure, there's plenty of solid guitar pop/psych in store, but many of the more experimental aspects of the band (that are often released under other names like Black Swan Network or Frosted Ambassador) are also in place. Also in place is a vague "concept" of sorts, which not only links these tunes to their later, full-length recordings but provides a sense of cohesion often lacking in singles compilations. These guys are true masters of home recording; most of these tracks were recorded at their various abodes on four-track machines. Whether it's the tastefully bizarre production touches at the end of "Fireplace" or the Burroughs-ian cutup technique of "Christmas With William S.," the Olivia Tremor Control not only know what they want, but they know how to achieve it as well; no small feat for home recorders. Since Elephant 6 bands tend to release material on a variety of labels with a variety of formats, Singles and Beyond is a welcome addition for folks who missed out the first time around.(

Hello Folks, a nice weekend everybody. Here is another one release by the wonderful Olivia Tremor Control. And it's a contribution by a nice guy, Thomas, who have send me/us this album. It's a Single compilation from recordings done before the release of the debut album by the band. If you like OTC you will like this compilation for shure, too. For this time both, mp3 and Flac files are together in the same links.

Enjoy it
and thanks again to you, Thomas
                                                     SB1        Flac & mp3 Part1  &  Flac & mp3 Part2  &  Flac & mp3 Part3

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