Sunday, 7 May 2017

Steve & Stevie, Tin Tin - The Legend Of Steve Kipner And Steve Groves 1968-1973 (2013)

 Steve Kipner and Steve Groves legacy from the late sixties to the early seventies are three great pop albums who all are here assembled. If you love sunny pop melodies with fine orchestration and great vocals from that time you are right here.
I will post the mp3 files tomorrow because i am too lazy at the moment. Hope you can understand it :-).

 ''Steve & Stevie'' originally released in 1968 on Toast 
• ''Tin Tin'' originally released in February 1970 on Polydor (and Atco in the US). Recorded May to July 1969 at IBC Studios, London
• Tracks 2-2 and 2-6 recorded 26 August 1970 at IBC Studios, London, released on the single Come On Over Again in November 1970 on Polydor ‎2058 076
• Track 2-7 recorded 6 August 1969 at IBC Studios, London, released 7 March 1970 on Beacon Records
• Track 2-19 recorded August 1970 at IBC Studios, London, released as a single in 1972 on Polydor

• ''Astral Taxi'' (second Tin Tin album) originally released 1971 on Polydor (and Atco in the US). Recorded 1971 at IBC Studios, London

The double disc was released by Magic Records in 2013.
         Frank          Flac link
                                                  mp3 link 1
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  1. Thanks for posting this 2 CD set. It sounds much like "Fading Yellow" pop-psych many of the songs on this have that sound. And thanks also for posting it in Flac, the sound is so much better...I'm burning CD's using Roxio CD Creator.

  2. Grosse daube comme d"hab ... sur ce blog