Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Sixties Pop- The Buckinghams - In One Ear Gone Tomorrow 1968 (1999 Sundazed) Flac & mp3

An all-too-apt title for their fourth album, not just commercially but, alas, aesthetically. The group split from producer-manager James William Guercio before the recording (although Guercio did produce one cut, "What Is Love"). As on their third LP, Portraits, the band wrote most of the songs, Marty Grebb being the dominant force in that department, and proved that they simply weren't up to making memorable album-oriented rock.

It's obvious at points that they're straining to be heavier and more relevant in the psychedelic rock scene of 1968. However, it usually just sounds like mediocre pop/rock with some desperately eclectic contemporary production sheen and occasional semi-deep lyrics. The CD reissue on Sundazed improves matters, though not a whole lot, by adding nine bonus tracks, most taken from 1968-1969 singles. All but two of these (the B-side "I Got a Feelin'" and the previously unreleased "I Just Don't Know How to Say Goodbye"), however, appear on the Columbia/Legacy best-of Mercy, Mercy, Mercy. (

To me this is a quite good  release by Sundazed. Together with the bonus tracks it's really strong.
Some very good songs here.

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