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Power Pop by The Smithereens - 11 (1989) Flac & Mp3

The third full-length album from the Smithereens, 11 (a title that refers to the classic 1960 Frank Sinatra film Ocean's Eleven), was something of a letdown after the solid, tough-pop perfection of their first two albums, Especially for You and Green Thoughts. While their previous sets boasted strong material from front to back, 11 is dotted with filler. And while "A Girl Like You," "Blue Period," and "William Wilson" are all great songs, many of the others sound like by-the-numbers pop tunes cranked out to pad the set to full length.
Producer Don Dixon made the most of the dark and mysterious undercurrents of Pat DiNizio's songs and Jim Babjak's guitar, but Ed Stasium gives the band a solid, professional sound that is sadly lacking in personality; there's nothing wrong with the way the album sounds, but there isn't anything terribly engaging about it, either. As a band, the Smithereens still sound rock-solid here, but as an album it was sadly indicative of the creative ups and downs that would mark their recording career from this point forward.(Mark Deming,

And this said Jeff Rosenberg: 
I couldn't disagree more with Mr. Deming's assessment. I actually prefer 11 to the first two Smithereens albums. The sound is fuller, thanks to producer Ed Stasium, and the songwriting is top-notch. To dismiss such tunes as "Maria Elena" - an ode to Buddy Holly's widow - and the beautiful "Cut Flowers" as mere filler suggests a cursory listen to the album, at best. Singling out "William Wilson" as a highlight is similarly bizarre; it doesn't suck, but it's not a standout song, either. Yes, "Baby Be Good" is something of a trifle, but in that, it recalls second-tier Beatles songs like "You Like Me Too Much" - not one for a best-of comp, perhaps, but tuneful and fun. 

I second that what Jeff Rosenberg said.

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