Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Garage Pop From '66: Mouse And The Traps - The Fraternity Years 1997 (Big Beat Records) Flac & mp3

Fraternity Years is the first Mouse & the Traps compilation of a truly official nature, taken right from the master tapes. The 25 tracks do miss a few of their least essential cuts, like the awful country novelty "Would You Believe," their mediocre final single for Bell, and the "Psychotic Reaction" single they recorded under the pseudonym of Positively 13 O'Clock.

But everything else is here, with the neat bonuses of a 1967 single credited to another pseudonym (Chris St. John) and seven interesting, previously unreleased sides, including the moving folk-rock-protest number "Nobody Cares" and a you-gotta-hear-it-to-believe-it cover of "You Are My Sunshine" (set to the arrangement of James Brown's "I Got You"!).

The lengthy liner notes present the best history of the group ever written, capping an excellent reissue of a fine band who were probably too chameleon-like to find their niche in the national market.(

This is a fine Big Beat collection who makes a lot of fun. Fine garage pop from the sixties.

         SB1     Flac p1   &  Flac p2     -  mp3@320


  1. As much as I love good power pop, my favorite genre of R&R is 60s garage. I especially love when the 2 genres meet somewhere in the middle as they do here. Thank for posting this.

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