Thursday, 18 May 2017

British Sixties Pop - John Bromley - Songs: The complete ''Sing'' album plus singles, demos & out-takes - 2009 (Rev-Ola EU)

The principal attraction of John Bromley’s 1969 album, Sing…, has been the presence of backing band Les Fleur De Lys, who were something of an inhouse band from Atlantic’s Frank Fenter. Now Rev-Ola present a fresh perspective on Bromley’s music, offering the 12-track album recorded under the watchful eye of producer Graham Dee, plus an additional 16 recordings – mostly unissued demos, barring a non-album single or two. Beautifully designed and annotated, Songs is an exemplary example of re-presentation, from archive photos, track-by-track annotations from Bromley himself, and Mark A Johnston’s exhaustive sleevenotes.
Be warned, though: anyone expecting the wide-eyed melodies or six-string bite of Les Fleur De Lys’ 45s might be disappointed. Bromley was a singer-songwriter firmly rooted in the Macca tradition – and it’s possible to hear echoes of Beatles ballads such as Yesterday or Eleanor Rigby in many of his compositions. True, So Many Things opens with some acerbic guitar work and I’m Gonna Love You Till I Die boasts moody instrumentation and a tub-thumping melody akin to Traffic’s Feelin’ Alright. Vast tracts of Songs, however, are more Octopus’ Garden than, say, The Open Mind – pleasant pop without any angles or, for that matter, distinguishing characteristics.(record collector)

To me, John Bromley is a gifted songwriter of pop music and i love his work very much. Hope you will like his stuff.

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