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The Standells - Riots On Sunset Strip/ Rarities The Standells 1967 (Big Beat Records 1993)

Sixties soundtrack albums have always held a special charm, especially those released on the Tower label, from Psych-Out to Wild in the Streets to this classic, Riot on Sunset Strip. The Standells open with the title song, and it would be a refreshing change of pace to hear this clever little gem instead of "Dirty Water" for the nine millionth time on oldies and classic hits stations. While the Sidewalk Sounds come off like some bubblegum surf group, especially with the Gary Lewis sound-alike "Make the Music Pretty," "Sunset Sally" from the Mugwumps gives the album some serious credibility. Debra Travis adds a folky/earthy stamp with her one track, "Old Country," but it's the Mugwumps and songs by the Chocolate Watch Band and Standells which are the collectors items.
The Standells make "Get Away From Here" sound vocally very Strawberry Alarm Clock, while Drew delivers an above-average '60s filler tune, "Like My Baby." It would fit nicely any time on some college radio retro show. Dave Aguilar's Chocolate Watch Band gives the album real grit and attitude; "Don't Need Your Lovin'" is fierce, and "Sitting There Standing" even meaner. C.W.B. took this opportunity seriously and it shows. The guitar fights the harp in this final tune, while the throbbing bass, drums, and vocal are pure garage rock magic.
The novelty of the title track, "Riot on Sunset Strip," is not to be lost because of Chocolate Watch Band's over the top performance. Cool picture of the Standells on the back makes this something to put on the wall. Mike Curb's Sidewalk Productions, clearly on a mission here as the movie was hyped as "the most shocking film of our generation!," delivers vintage sounds of the day. He co-wrote the Drew title and composed the Sidewalk Sounds' "The Sunset Theme" (the word "Sunset" appearing in three song titles!). When comparing this to an early-'70s soundtrack like Zacahariah or the inconsistent '80s music put to the film Soul Man, the Riot on Sunset Strip album delivers more bang for the buck. Definitely something you want in your collection.(allmusic)

Big Beat added 1993 11 rare and previously unissued tracks to the soundtrack. This is a piece of finest garage stuff.                                        Link2
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