Saturday, 15 April 2017

The Peep Show - Mazy: The Secret World of The Peep Show (2007 Castle)

The Peep Show were purveyors of very decent psych fare indeed. Decidedly darker in tone and far less acid-driven than many of their contemporaries, the band remain something of an enigma. Songs such as Your Servant Stephen and Esprit De Corps marked them out as oddballs even then; but then with the former dealing with a man’s plea to his pregnant girlfriend’s father and the latter with the inadequacy felt when comparing oneself to a Battle Of Britain pilot, it’s not overly surprising.
Although not necessarily in-tune with the kids, The Peep Show, in the space of no-more than a year, recorded a series of solid psych tracks, one of which, Mazy, is now rightly regarded as a classic. It’s for songs such as Do Not Wait for Better Times, Morning and the wonderful What A Funny Name, however, that the band should be remembered.
Satirical, pessimistic and peculiarly English, The Peep Show are in a fine tradition that stretches from The Kinks to The Smiths. The wilful difference of much of the material here will surprise those expecting another just another psych reissue. These guys were genuine mavericks and, 40 years on, they still sound refreshingly different.(excerpt of

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