Sunday, 9 April 2017

Squire - Something Old Something New Something Borrowed... The Official Squire Fan Club Album (1980) 2010 Flac

An incredibly hard to find relic of the mod revival years, Something Old Something New Something Borrowed... is a 13-track roundup of rarities that peaks, on side two, with a fiery live sequence that reminds listeners just how ill-suited many of these bands were to the studio environment -- and just how readily Squire bucked that trend. Their natural habitat remained the sweat- and beer-soaked atmosphere of a tiny club packed with parkas and Union Jacks, and the seven live songs here are delivered with a frenzy that can readily be compared to a maniacal cross between vintage Jam and classic Kinks. But the studio held no fears and, if you can image the first Beatles album slammed through the sound of classic Flamin' Groovies, with all the wide-eyed enthusiasm and tunefulness that that implies, you'll be close to capturing the sheer joy of Squire.
Alternate versions of band favorites "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" (no relation to the Ramones number), "Teenage Girl," "Get Ready to Go," and "The Face of Youth Today" all highlight side one, while the concert sequence hits so many peaks that it's difficult to play favorites -- 19 minutes of nonstop mod mayhem whose only drawback (shared with the studio side) is its somewhat weedy sound quality. Crank up the volume and beat on the bass, however, and all of Squire's greatest qualities still come bleeding through. And you'll be "Walking Down the King's Road" in no time!(

This is the Japan release from Vivid Sound 2010 with 21 songs. Great Mod Power Pop from the fantastic Squire.
Enjoy it!
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