Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Pugwash - The Olympus Sound (2012) Flac & mp3

Following a UK top 40 album with The Duckworth Lewis Method, Thomas Walsh reactivated his old band Pugwash with new members Tosh Flood and Joe Fitzgerald, got Andy Partridge and Dave Gregory of XTC in to lend a hand and hit the Irish charts in style. The Olympus Sound is without question the most commercial and polished record of Walsh's career - and the best tracks are as good as anything in the Pugwash back catalogue.
There's even some modern synths, samples and loops to offset the chiming Beatlesque guitars and retro keyboards. All in all with songs as immediate and strong as There You Are, Be My Friend Awhile, Fall Down, Here We Go Round Again and terrific closer Four Days this is just about perfect. Yes Pugwash sound a lot like ELO, The Beatles and of course Partridge's Swindon mob, but they do it so well that only the hardest heart could fail to love them. Pugwash newbies should start here.(Chris Welch-allmusic.com)

This is for sure the most commercial work but i love the band for that because it's one more great album. That's what count, commercial or not. And i think if the music is good why the band shouldn't earn some bucks? Hope you will like it
and have fun
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  1. Can't say thank you enough for your Pugwash shares! Nice discovery

  2. More will come in the next days if i have more time again