Friday, 21 April 2017

Power Pop by Double Naught Spies - Solid Goldfinger (2004 Wizzard In Vinyl, Japan) mp3

Double Naught Spies play pop-driven guitar rock heavily influenced by the Beatles and 1970s power pop bands. In that they're hardly unique; there were a bunch of bands within Los Angeles itself in the late 1990s that drank from the same well. Still, they purvey the form competently, with cheerful vocal harmonies and some reasonably clever lyrics that can go beyond the usual parameters of the love song.
Formed in the spring of 1996, the group includes former members of the little-known bands Atomic Boy and the Visionaries.(

Fine melodic guitardriven Power Pop. This is a top notch album without fillers.Great songs and great arrangements make listen to the album to a real joy. Plus a great version of the Bay City Rollers ''I Only Wanna Be With You''.
Have fun
              Frank        mp3@320

Sorry, only mp3 :-(. If there is a kind soul with a Flac file please get in contact via email :-) .


  1. This is a great four and a half star double LP that doesnt even get an Allmusic review! Thanks very much. Do you have anything else by this great band.

  2. Great 4 1/2 star double album! do you have anything else by this great band.