Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Cheap Trick: The Complete Epic Albums: Album 7) All Shook Up 1980 Flac

All Shook Up was the last album with Tom Peterson for the next eight years. For this effort the band worked together with Beatles producer George Martin. The Single Stop this game failed the Top 40 in the US. Nevertheless the album cracked the Top 40 with peaking 24 and going for gold. Just Got Back is the first song on the album where (imho) the work of Martin became explicit. Also in World's Greatest Lover. And for sure the best songs here are the songs where the work of Martin is explicit.
I think with this album the band tried to jump in the next decade with their sound. It don't worked always well.
Okeydokey, here is album 8 for your pleasure,
enjoy it
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