Friday, 7 April 2017

Cheap Trick - The Complete Epic Albums 12) - Lap of Luxury (1988)

Cheap Trick's comeback album is by no means a return to the creativity and vitality of their glory days. But even though Lap of Luxury is largely formulaic, the band's strongest collection of material in some time fills that late-'80s pop-metal formula quite well. Combining grandly romantic power ballads ("Ghost Town") with catchy hard rockers ("Never Had a Lot to Lose"), Lap of Luxury consistently delivers strong hooks and well-crafted songs, proving that Cheap Trick were still capable of outdoing many of the bands they helped inspire. The album produced two Top Five singles in a cover of Elvis Presley's "Don't Be Cruel" and the band's first number one hit, "The Flame."(

Comeback album for eight years painful missing (to me) Tom Petersson. Anyway the band needed more time to get back to nearly old strength. And this time lays back then in the future. They had two top five singles but The Flame was just a ballad like many others. But as i say their time came a few years later again...(imho) :-)

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