Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The Who - Who's Next 1971 (Mini LP Platinum SHM-CD Universal Japan 2013)

The Who - Who's Next released in 1971 was the first studio album in the new century. And what a start in the seventies for the band. Is a more perfect rock album possibly? I think not. All is here on the creative peak for the band. Powerful in the rockers, emotional in the ballads. Not one weak song. Together with ''The Who Sells Out'' the strongest work of the band. Listening to the work of Moon and Entwhistle they maybe never played with this urgency and emotionality like here. Townshend veryfied here that he was one of the most important personalities in rock'n'roll of the sixties and seventies. End.
...pick up my guitar and play
just like yesterday
and i get on my knees and pray
Have fun
               SB1   Flac
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  1. Hello Frank,
    I agree with you concerning the Who and this particular album. I saw with always a huge pleasure the Who ten times in my life. One a greatest band on the rock scene.
    Many Thanks

  2. @musicyoucan: Wow that's a lot. As you know i'm coming from Germany and here it's much harder to see often great bands. Sure big bands like Who, Stones and all the arena bands is no problem but if you want see bands like in example Richard X Heyman or Paul Collins or anything like that sometimes you must make a trip in neighbour countries just for to see some acts.If they come to Europe they touring maybe four or five countries and that's it. I understand that because for acts like these it's hard to play outside the US. Touring is an expensive thing.
    Thanks for your post musicyoucan.
    Cheers Frank

  3. The Who, 4 times (first time in 1972) with Keith Moon at the drums, 3 times with Keith Jones at the drums and 3 times with the Ringo Starr's son at the drums. Keith Moon was the best of the three and the greatest, even he was probably a little ill in his head :-) Clearly the Moon period was the good to see Who period.
    Thanks Frank for your blogroll