Thursday, 2 March 2017

The March Collection: SB's Power Pop Collection Vol.4 (mp3@320)

Hello friends and folks, here is the fourth volume of my homemade collection of popsongs. It takes several hours and cigarettes (that's not political correct hmmm...?...but i've never said this is a drug free blog..i'm just kidding!), a lot diggin' through my music and in the end the hardest part, to choose the songs. 25 this month and i hope you will enjoy. Here is the tracklist:

1 Rainbows-Ross
2 I've been waiting-Matthew Sweet
3 Get down-Jay Gonzales
4 I miss you-Shoes
5 Hazel eyes-Redd Kross        
6 Heard enough-Danny Wilde
7 Up,up and away-Big Hello
8 That someone-Matt Bruno
9 Princess Needy-Sparkle Jets UK
10 God only knows-Timmy Sean
11 It all comes down-Nick Piunti
12 Her stars are my stars-John Wicks
13 Hey Deanie-Shaun Cassidy
14 Solar sister-The Posies
15 Rest up-Jim Basnight
16 Rock'n'Roll Love Letter-The Bay City Rollers
17 Reasons-The Rooks
18 Girl of my dreams-Bram Tchaikovsky
19 Staying out for the summer-Dodgy
20 This can't go on-The Scruffs
21 Nobody knows-Scott McCarl
22 Strawberry afternoon-Double Naught Spies
23 Chance to get away-The Bottle Kids
24 Honest guy-The Popdogs
25 This soul is not for sale-The Jangle Band    

Viel Spass
               Frank    mp3@320

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  1. Looking through the list about 1/3 of them were instantly familiar. Based on those I am really looking forward to hearing the rest. I've got a feeling I may be leaving some money at Amazon before I am through.