Saturday, 4 March 2017

The Lolas - Like The Sun (2006, 2008) mp3

Power pop maestro Tim Boykin has done it again. The Lolas are a band that just keeps getting better with age. “Like The Sun” takes some tracks from 2006’s “Doctor Apache” and added a few newer songs to give the listener a whopping 20 tracks. So it’s almost like a double album. It opens with “Eye Eye” a touch of ELO, Byrds and Beatles that will ring through your head, and stay there. This is followed by the title track, which adds the right about of jangle and harmonies that lead you up the next song “The Laurie Song” – an awesome “Rain”-inspired psyche-pop masterpiece. And the relentless hooks keep on comin’ with the roaring guitars of “Me and Barbara Stanwyck” Fans of their previous incarnation,The Shame Idols will enjoy the great guitar work and indie power on “Going all the Way” – the solo is just awesome. The song “Blue Shadows” has a Beatlesque charm and “Watch The Movie” has Weezers innocent pop sweetness with Brian May styled guitar. Some songs get a bit more rough and garage-y, like “Action Woman” and “Ramon Ghetto Chef.” Toward the ends of album it even has a Sweet cover (“Wig Wham Bam”) and a very Mod-sounding Rolling Stones meet Early Who tune with “I Can Only Give Everything.” The songs go through every incarnation of great power pop from ballad to high powered riff machine and everything in between. With so much here and barely a miscue, it’s an easy choice to nominate this album for my Top Ten of 2008 so far. This album is essential listening – so don’t miss this one. Thanks for the music, Tim.(taken from power popaholic march, 2008)

This is a favourite album by the Lolas to me because it have a special feel. Fine rock guitar sounds here and some fine guitar leads makes this album very special to me. Next are the very fine hooks here. What can i say...Great album by the Lolas(maybe their best?) and i recommend it to all of you. I will post it tomorrow also in Flac. But here at first the mp3@320.
Viel Spass
               Frank    mp3@320

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  1. This is a killer album. I've had it since day 1.