Saturday, 11 March 2017

The Hooters - Hooterization (A Retrospective (1996) Flac

Hooterization is a single-disc collection featuring all seven of the Hooters' charting singles, plus neglected album tracks and other obscurities. Since the bulk of the Hooters' best material -- "And We Danced," "Day by Day," "All You Zombies," and "Where Do the Children Go" -- is on their Nervous Night debut album, Hooterization is useful only for those collectors and listeners who want a compilation for the sake of having a compilation. Hooterization is too long and filled with too many bland tracks to make a consistently entertaining listen, which is not the case of Nervous Night, since it is shorter and contains all the hits.
Certainly, Hooterization does a fine job of selecting the highlights from One Way Home and Zig Zag, but most casual fans will be satisfied with Nervous Night.(

I can't agre with the review of allmusic. First ''Nervous Night'' don't contains all the charting hits of the band. Second is that on the collection here are some very interesting songs that are not on Nervous Night and are in my opinion no fillers. I have a lot of music and a lot of collections. Sure here are no ''obscure, deep from the vault, never released songs'' on it but good pop songs, an interesting live version of Lucy in the sky with diamonds and a live version of ''Time after time'' which is written originally by Hooters members. All in all a very good collection of the Hooters best work. If you like the Folk Pop/Pop Folk of the Hooters, here they are.
Have fun
               Frank  Flac   Limited Time March, 25, 2017

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