Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The Beau Brummels - Introducing (1965) & 12 Bonus Tracks (1998 Repertoire) Flac

A much stronger debut than the norm for the era. Ten of the 12 cuts are Ron Elliott originals, including the hits "Laugh Laugh," "Still in Love with You Baby," and "Just a Little." The hard-rocking numbers are the weakest, but "Stick Like Glue" and "I Would Be Happy" are fine Beatlesque numbers, and "They'll Make You Cry" is a first-rate moody folk-rocker. The CD reissue adds two bonus tracks, a demo of "Just a Little" and the single "Good Time Music." (allmusic.com)

This in example is the contrary to an album like the later released 'Triangle' . Both very nice in her own ways. This is the far more commercial work. As in the review noted the most songs are written here by Ron Elliott. I will later post his solo album from 1970.
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