Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Sloan - The Double Cross (2011) Flac

Returning to normal operations after a three-year hiatus, Sloan offer a few new wrinkles on The Double Cross -- the polyester-draped “Your Daddy Will Do” salutes the ‘70s in a suitably spangly disco fashion, there’s a hint of delicate pastoral folk on “Green Gardens, Cold Montreal” -- but the group doesn’t stray from the pop collage of 2006’s Never Hear the End of It.
Each of the 12 cuts lands somewhere between an homage and invention, the four singer/songwriters of Sloan splicing together their deep record collections in ways familiar and fresh. An organ may bring Dylan to mind, harmonies may recall the Beatles, yet these allusions are deployed with knowing winks in songs that don’t explicitly sound like their influences. Sloan are craftsman who weld their good taste into charming miniatures, and if The Double Cross retains a hint of familiarity -- not due to the source material but rather the workmanship -- the group’s level of skill assures that this is as comfortably satisfying as its predecessors.

Enjoy the 10th album of Sloan in 20 years (2011).
Viel Spass
                 SB1  Flac  Limited till 2017-03-28


  1. SuperBillie - THANX for Sloan...great Canadian Band...
    I've been asking my daughter to bring me her CDs so I can rip them, but she hasnt done it so far...and they are one of her faves...

  2. @KDNYfm: It seems your daughter have an excellent taste in music :-)

  3. Thanks for this one!