Friday, 31 March 2017

Paul Bevoir - The Happiest Days of Your Life 1992 mp3

Paul Bevoir did his best to keep the British mod revival going well into the '80s as the main creative force behind the charmingly determined Jet Set and as the underground movement's leading songwriter, contributing perfectly crafted '60s-style pop songs to the Candees, Melvyn and the Smartys, and Dee Walker.
After the Jet Set released their first LP, There Goes the Neighborhood in 1985, Bevoir released his first solo album, The Happiest Days of Your Life backed by the Family Way. The album received some acclaim in the British press but he kept his solo work in the background while he continued to push on with the Jet Set until they disbanded in 1988. Bevoir formed Smalltown Parade in 1990, releasing two albums before breaking up. In 1994, Bevoir resurfaced, releasing Dumb Angel for the Tangerine Label.

Well known as member of the fantastic Jetset he did really great albums after he leave. This is one of his wonderful stuff. This album 6 stars out of 6!
Enjoy it
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