Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Gary Ritchie - Pop! Radio mp3

Although not new, this is a great example of excellent and timeless melodies from Gary Ritchie. Originally from the Chicago band, Loose Lips, Ritchie teamed up with band mate Jeff King to channel his love of those classic jangle bands in Pop! Radio. Fans of Pezband, Fotomaker, The Raspberries, The Rubinoos, and The Spongetones will just love this album.
From the opening chord riffs of “I’ll Be There” you’ll hum along to the beat that has that 70’s rock feel. The Beatles-jangle isn’t far behind on “You Were Only Using Me” and the hooks just continue to fly by. The excellent rocker “Living On Lies” is a humorous autobiography of a rocker who hasn’t gotten “a life” due to his love of rock and roll. Most of the songs are about moments in a relationship and what happened “Last Night” (a great Dwight Twilley reference here) and other odes to the girl of your dreams. The gems here keep coming, and to get into any more tracks here seems superfluous. Not a single scrap of filler here, so if you never heard it do yourself a favor and stop reading. Get a hold of this album.(

Very good Power Pop album from Gary Ritchie in his own style. All is said in the review.
Have fun
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