Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Motors - Approved By The Motors Lp 1978 Flac & The Virgin Years (Four albums) mp3

After several years in England's pub rock scene, ex-Duck Deluxe members Nick Garvey and Andy McMaster formed the Motors in 1977 with vocalist Bram Tchaikovsky and drummer Ricky Slaughter. Their first album was a splendid piece of guitar-driven pop/rock highlighted by the single "Dancing the Night Away." Approved By was the album that earned them the U.K. hits "Airport" and "Forget About You"; the record saw the band's songwriting improving with forceful melodies and invigorating performances.
After that record, the Motors split up; Garvey and McMaster used the band's name for the 1980 album Tenement Steps, which didn't equal the spark of their first two records. The Motors' second album shows a marked improvement over their debut, with a stronger melodic base and catchier songs including the British hits "Airport" and "Forget About You." [The 2006 CD version adds three bonus tracks.]
 I thought about which Motors efforts i should post and i will post now the ''Approved...''album in Flac and  '' The Motors - The Virgin Years'' with four albums in mp3. So something for everyone here, flac lovers and mp3 lovers. I think we all can live with that. Hope you like it and if there is interest here in the community i will post the solo albums from guitarist and vocalist Bram Tchaikowsky in the next days. Okay , here we go
Approved by the Motors Flac

The Virgin Years mp3@320 


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  2. Have you tried different browsers?