Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Hollies - Butterfly 1967/2014 from the ''British Beat 50th Paper Sleeve Collection'' Flac

This late 1967 album found the Hollies making some modest adjustments to the psychedelic era: occasionally trippy studio effects, a sitar on their most psychedelic track ("Maker"), songs that didn't always deal with boy-girl relationships. In fact, however, the group's focus remained where it usually was: modest but pleasing, similar-sounding catchy tunes with high harmonies and strumming guitars.
It's not remarkable or essential, but it's certainly pleasant enough, and a bit better than their earlier 1967 LP, Evolution, with some of their better album-only cuts ("Postcard," "Pegasus," "Butterfly," "Away Away Away"). With some track alterations, the record was issued in the U.S. as Dear Eloise/King Midas in Reverse; the U.K. edition, as collectors should note, has a few songs that were never released in the States ("Pegasus," "Elevated Observations?," "Try It"). (

Hello Friends, i had a busy 'Family Day' today so i had no time to post some music. I want to post here now the ''Butterfly'' album of the Hollies original released in '67 (as mentioned in the review in the US it was called ''Dear Eloise/King Midas In Reverse''). This is from a series called  ''British Beat 50th Paper Sleeve Collection'' from 2014 and it is in original mono, stereo and two bonus tracks.
The ''British Beat'' edition is a series of 14 Hollies albums. You can get more infos from discogs  here.  If you are interested in an other album please comment. I don't have all but nearly all. The albums are mono/stereo and with bonus tracks.
Okay i hope you had a nice weekend and you enjoy the Hollies   Flac

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