Tuesday, 7 February 2017

John's Children - A Midsummer Night's Scene (Singles A's & B's) 1988

John's Children - A Midsummer Night's Scene (Bam Caruso 1988)

The A- and B-sides of all of their singles, plus the Andy Ellison solo number "It's Been a Long Time." It's missing some interesting material from Instant Action, but it's generally the best anthology available, as well as the only readily obtainable one.

And this are the best available quotes from allmusic.com about the band. Who don't know who's John's Children: It was the band/project where Marc Bolan of later T.Rex fame made his first footsteps in professional  music business.  To describe the music in a few words: A kind of psychedelic mod pop...maybe lol. Listen yourself.

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  1. great, great record! thank you..

  2. Hi,
    I'm getting late on this one.Can you re-up please.Thanks.

    1. Hello Chico i will post new links for all the things you've requested but it will take some time.
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    2. No problem Frank,takes your time ,I am not in a hurry.

    3. Hello chico, the link is up.


  3. This is curious
    I have the CD of the release. Your posting is an LP rip. The LP has 13 tracks, the CD 12. The CD has one track "Hippy Gumbo" omitted from the LP, whilst the LP has two tracks "Strange Affair" and "But She's Mine", that are missing from the CD. You need both and thanks to you I have them - thanks

  4. This is really curious. When was your cd released and is it also a Bam Caruso release?