Thursday, 23 February 2017

Frosted (Jane Weidlin of Go-Go's) - Cold 1996 Flac

Unfortunately lost somewhere along the way amidst sporadic Go-Go's reunions (though Charlotte Caffey does help write a slew of the songs) and less-worthy commercial alternative big-hitters, Frosted's debut and sole album was a near-perfect pop-punk treat. Jane Weidlin assembled a great crew to back her up, which they do with enthusiasm, while she herself does some of her best non-Go-Go's work to date: sharp, bratty, and smart all at once. Vocally, she favors the high end throughout -- almost squeaky if one's being uncharitable -- but she controls and uses it so well that such would be a bad judgment. Her lyrics wryly and wisely touch on everything from female role playing to emotionally useless males. She's also canny enough to vary the musical mix from the start; opener "Dis-Integrated" kicks right along in perfect shout-along style, but has a lovely break right in the middle -- just sweet, wordless vocals and a soft bed of ambience.
Co-producer Marc Waterman, who also engineered, really helps bring out the full impact of the quartet; everything is bright, chunky, and radio-friendly without being gooey mainstream glop. The other three members do a fine job throughout, providing some great shout-along backing vocals as well as punching out the songs. Drummer Lance Porter is especially noteworthy, with a good ear for a crisp, danceable rhythm (check out his tight work on "Never," as well as the handclaps, soaring chorus, and great guitar solo). The lyrics are a scream as well: "You can't turn dogsh*t into art/I would never write a song -- about you." More than once some of the music suggests what might have happened for the Cranberries if they had avoided MOR swill and pumped up the feedback some more -- a good example being the way Weidlin stretches out the title of "Call Me Crazy."

 Very good pop rock album by Jane Wiedlin and the band.
         Frank  Flac


  1. Looks interesting, thanks for posting.

  2. Amerinoid from this LP is an all-time fave.