Monday, 20 February 2017

Finest Power Pop from Secret Powers! Explorers Of The Polar Eclipse (2008) Flac

It was hard to find a review about this album but after a longer time i found this review from a guy from '''. Thanks Pär.

Here is a damn cool band that plays a very cool mix of styles. Firing up a mix of Bleu, ELO, Ben Folds, Kevin Gilbert (listen to the song in the second song Jenny, for example) and an early Elton John groove. This CD have been lying around in the "Forthcoming review-box" at home for a while and when I picked it up a few days ago, I was really surprised by what met my ears. There are many good tunes such as "Awfully Nice" with a typical modern powerpop piano that takes you up to the chorus which is a really nice ELO-fragrant tune.
´Sunny Pasadena´ smells Jim Boggia and "Counting Stars" could be a song that Bleu, ELO (a´la 1977) and Kevin Gilbert could be cooked for dinner... (Listen to the arrangement in the chorus). The singer Shmedly who also is the guy behind all the songs and who also produced the CD has a rather special voice that´s more a Kevin Gilbert sort of voice rather than the traditional modern powerpopvocalists like Ben Folds, Jon Brion and the other boys, and this also gives another dimension to the band.(Pär Winberg,

How sounds the ''traditional modern powerpopvocalist'' ? Like the ''typical modern powerpop piano''?
I'm just kidding. I think you know what you can expect if you listen to an unknown song or album by Secret Powers: Great Power Pop! And nothing more you will get with this album.
         Frank  Flac

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