Saturday, 4 February 2017

Dwight Twilley Band - The Great Lost Twilley Album 1993 mp3@320

The rumor had always been that the original Dwight Twilley Band had completed four albums between 1974 and 1978 that were never released due to problems with their label, Shelter Records; the few writers and personal friends who heard the albums claimed the material was superior to much of their released work. The Great Lost Twilley Album collects the best "lost" tracks from this era, as well as prime material from the unreleased Blueprint album from 1980; true to the myth, the songs are easily as good as the band's classic early albums.
The band especially shines on the proposed follow-up to the hit "I'm on Fire," "Shark," an infectious rocker that stands as one of the great "should-have-been-hits." - Chris Woodstra, AMG

Power pop from the older days. 
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