Friday, 13 January 2017

Superscope - Generally Electric 1995 (Flac)

A fashion of heavy guitar riffs and power-pop harmonies became a part of Superscope's sound upon their formation in 1994. Combining the chemistry of Shane Bolton (drums), Kevin Borruso (guitar/vocals), and Gerry McAvoy (bass), Citadel Records first captured the trio's pop-metal hybrid on their 1995 debut of Generally Electric. But after contributing to two Bomp Record compilations in 1996 -- Windmill Pop On Top and Windmill Laugh While you Can -- Superscope took a six month hiatus while playing under the moniker of Reuben Kinkaide. Following their return in 1997, Spinning Top Records followed with the release of the 1997 EP Popping Crease(

At the times of ''Generally Electric'' McAvoy and Bolton had leave the band and became replaced by Darren Murphy on bass, vocals and Jason Barfoot drums, vocals. As allmusic writes ''a pop-metal hybrid'' for me is a little bit misleading. Harder guitars yes but no way ''Metal''. Anyway for me it sounds great and i hope you also enjoy it.


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