Saturday, 14 January 2017

SB's Power Pop Collection Vol.2

Here is my second homemade ''Power Pop Mixtape''. It was a lot of fun to search through the music and select the songs. Hope you will give it a try and send me comments if you enjoyed it or not.Okay here we go:
                   SB'S Power Pop Compilation - Vol. 2
1) Paul Collins - Walking Out On Love                     
2) The Loud Family - Look Through Any Window
3) The Poppees - If She Cried
4) There She Goes Again - The Crawdaddys
5) The Choir - I'd Rather You Leave Me
6) Gary Charlson - Burning In You
7) Jeremy - Love Explosion
8) The Flamin' Groovies - You Tore Me down
9) Material Issue - Bus stop
10) The Autumn Defense - Back Of My Mind
11) Nushu - Precious To Me
12) Ouch - I Need You More
13) Lannie Flowers - Give Me A Chance
14) Grant Lindberg - Blakened Heart
15) Propeller - Wish I Had Her Picture
16) Hector Penalosa - It's Gonna Be Alright
17) The Mystery Machine - She's Not Mine
18) Nick Piunti - Heart Stops Beating
19) The Click Beetles - Try Girl
20) Jasko - The Memo
21) Rabbitt - Dingley's Bookshop

All @320mp3     link



  1. The SB´s power pow collection Nº1, please!!!!

  2. The link to Nº1 Power Pop Collection, please!!!!!

  3. @ Anonymous The link is:!PgN0ESyK!lOc_wuqRwryLSeuPoYPpkcHeraEoqCha9QGmXk67saQ


  4. Here's a cover I made for Vol. 2 if anyone wants it

  5. @Anonymous: hey that's nice. Well done and thank you

    SB1 (Frank)

  6. Loved Volume 1 - can't wait to hear this one!