Monday, 16 January 2017

@Request: Sweeney Todd - If Wishes Were Horses (1977)

If Wishes Were Horses is the second album of the Canadian glam rock band Sweeney Todd. The album was recorded during late 1975-1976 and released in 1977. It is the only Sweeney Todd album on which a 17-year-old Bryan Adams appears as the temporary singer. The producers deliberately sped his voice up to sound younger than it already was.(wiki)

Nothing more to say, i think i already posted the bio of the band in my first Sweeney Todd post.
Sorry folks, it's only in 160kbps. I don't own the cd  and it's hard to find. Sometimes '' a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush''. If anybody have a better copy please feel free and post it or email me.


 new link@ 320 here

I removed the 160 link.


  1. Thank you VERY MUCH for fulfilling the request

  2. At least it's a fast download! Doesn't sound that bad, and some fun songs here.