Thursday, 26 January 2017

Redd Kross - Phaseshifter (1993) Flac

On Phaseshifter, Redd Kross has stripped away many of the '60s and '70s pop-culture trappings that figured prominently on earlier recordings (covers of Brady Bunch and Charles Manson songs, for instance). As a result, the band (basically brothers Jeffrey and Steven McDonald) have brought their strong melodic sense, psychedelic punk/metal mix, and fine harmonies to the fore on standout tracks like "Lady in the Front Row" and "Monolith." The brothers' '70s-TV obsession certainly hasn't disappeared, though, as evidenced by songs like "After School Special" and the Partridge Family-inspired cut "Dumb Angel" (Susan Dey being replaced here by keyboardist Gere Fennelly); but they seem more bent on cutting straightforward and driving, power pop/rock anthems than going in for their '80s-style, HR Pufnstuf form of garage psychedelia, and even the paisley is conspicuously
missing, replaced by t-shirts and jeans. Is the shift due in part to the pervasive influence of grunge and Nirvana? Maybe. But one should remember that, as early as 1980, Redd Kross was incorporating the same Black Flag, hardcore stylings that Cobain and company were admittedly inspired by. It doesn't really matter, though, since this album stands on it own just fine, especially considering the inclusion of one of the band's best rockers ("Crazy World") and most rewarding pop tunes ("Pay for Love"). For some great Redd Kross music, get both Phaseshifter and the band's 1997 release, Show World. (Stephen Cook

Heavy guitars, fine pop melodies and a real good songwriting are the ingredients for the success of the band. The audience of Redd Kross is full of different people with different music tastes.There are metalheadz, punks, popsters, Teenagers and Grandmas and Grandpas. Also my neighbour Mr ''John Q. Public'' is a fan of the band. Great! Maybe you also enjoy the band. Here they are...Flac


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  1. Great record! I already have it, but it's always nice to see someone posting some Redd Kross. Great blog, by the way.