Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Fox - For Fox Sake 1970 (2003) Flac

 The Fox formed in Brighton in 1968 when veterans of several local bands teamed together. Hammond organist Alex Lane, drummer Tim Reeves, and percussionist-singer Nick Apostiledes had been in the mod-soul band the Alex Lane Group. Reeves had also been in the soul band Omega Plus, as had bassist-keyboardist Dave Windross. Songwriter and guitarist Steve Brayne, who had known Lane and Reeves since primary school, completed the first lineup, though Apostiledes was soon replaced by guitarist Winston Weatherill (formerly in Gary Farr & the T-Bones). The band made test recordings at a 12-hour session in Radio Luxembourg Studios, which worked out so well that most of them were issued as For Fox Sake, though a couple tracks were re-recorded. Management interest cooled off, however, and the Fox broke up soon after the album's release.

Although it's considered a desirable psychedelic rarity in some collecting circles, For Fox Sake is an also-ran British psychedelic pop album of the sort that was a year or two behind the times upon its 1970 release. The best thing the Fox have going for them on this record is the swirling, at times piercing Hammond organ of Alex Lane. The songs, however, are ordinary trendy U.K. psychedelic pop with some solid vocal harmonies and light shades of soul music from time to time. Certainly "Second Hand Love" and "Lovely Day" sound extremely close in spots to the sort of music the Spencer Davis Group made just after the departure of Stevie Winwood, with some of the late Zombies' Baroque melodic sense coloring parts of both "Lovely Day" and "As She Walks Away." Some curve balls arrive in the form of a pretty folky acoustic guitar ballad, "Butterfly," the dull good-time soul-rock of "Goodtime Music," the blunt sledgehammer anti-straight world rant of "Mr. Blank," and the epic-to-little-purpose "Madame Magical," whose nine minutes feature some extended jazzy psychedelic organ improv. [The 2003 CD reissue on RPM adds historical liner notes and two bonus tracks in the original demo versions of "Lovely Day" and "Mr. Blank."](excerpts from Unterberger.

For sure this album came two years late. For me it's a pretty good album. Also because here and there you can here the impact of american west coast sounds. As i said before the album was sixties psych pop two years late but not yet really seventies. Anyway it's 2017 so give it a try and enjoy!


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