Sunday, 15 January 2017

Flying Color - Flying Color (1987) Flac

In the wake of the Rickenbacker revolution started by R.E.M., Flying Color formed in San Francisco in 1984 when bassist Hector Penalosa, from the Southern California cult band the Zeros, hooked up with guitarist Dale Duncan from the San Francisco underground band Love Circus and guitarist Richard Chase and drummer John Stuart. The band released one single in 1985, "Dear Friend," followed by the album Flying Color in 1987. Upon the album's release, Chase left the fold and guitarist Chris von Sneidern joined the band. There was no mistaking Flying Color's jangle and harmonies as Beatles influenced -- they even wore the requisite mod clothes -- but at a time when the college charts were dominated by English synthesizer bands, Flying Color's clean, harmonious pop sounded amazingly fresh (and years after its release, it still does). The band broke up in 1990; all members continued to perform solo or with other groups, to varying degrees of success. In 1996, Duncan, Stuart and von Sneidern reformed and began recording again, just around the time Flying Color was issued on CD for the first

Wonderful album, great musicians. Three cheers for Flying Color!



  1. Great stuff! I saw Flying Color here in Boston, with Chris von Sneidern in the lineup, when they toured the LP in 1987, just a great live band.......

  2. Hello Jim, sometimes i wish i would live in Boston.
    Have a nice day, Jim!