Saturday, 28 January 2017

Big Hello - Apples And Oranges 2001 ( 1st and 2nd album) m4a

After neo-power pop group the Elvis Brothers disbanded, drummer/songwriter Brad Elvis formed a new outfit in late 1994, which he dubbed Big Hello. Despite a rash of early personnel changes, the band built a following in its hometown of Chicago and around the Midwest through extensive touring. The remainder of the lineup eventually settled on vocalist Chloe Orwell, guitarist Johnny Million, and bassist Tom Atteberry. In addition to contributing to several power pop compilations, Big Hello gained increased exposure through hosting Chicago Pop Mondays, a highly
successful series of concerts at the Beat Kitchen. In December 1996, Big Hello released a limited-edition, cassette-only live recording entitled Live Via Satellite...Girl, which made a strong impression on local power pop fans. In early 1998, the Break-Up! label issued the group's Girl Versus Boy Verses EP, which in months was the best-selling release in the company's history; the full-length Apple Album followed on Parasol that same year.

This is the double disc edition of the first two albums. Inside is front/back of the single albums and the covers of the double disc edition. The files are in m4a format.
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