Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The Dandelion - The Strange Case Of The Dandelion (2013)

The Dandelion: blooming psychedelia from ex-Dolly Rocker Movement / Los Sundowners / Kill City Creeps member Daniel Poulter.


 The Dandelion: groovy reverb, floaty riffs and flourishing folk melodies, it’s wild and free and beckons you to join in.

Released in 2013 the debut LP Strange Case Of The Dandelion is a field of folk and psychedelia you want to run though with arms wide open. Tangled in 60s psych, paisley patterns and garage rock, the potpourri of sounds wafts in with a Strange Case Opening. Short and sweet, its fluster of fuzz and flutes is enough to let the psychedelic aromas loose.  Whirling through the field, I Turned On As You Turned Around makes wreaths of peace and love that dancing flower children wear in organ blossoming Here Comes Love. But, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. A weedy harmonica in Leaving It Behind Blues twirls us towards darker shades and cloudier vocals. Hay fever inducing grooves Paranoid Floyd in a Bliss You Can Hear and Toxic Flower Power & The Ascension To Infinity then free the most intoxicating psychedelic aromas yet and restore peace and love to the field. A garden bed of flower power beats that pollinate without restraint, these tracks seem wilder than a lot of other psych currently sprouting. 

That's what hhhappy.com basically had say about the record.

I love this album and you will  it, too.




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  1. link: https://mega.nz/#!30kRWbBS!uVTdS0ksFbSmXSgFFbIPKNbs4zdsl_Yph502P5WlJDg

    pass: SB1

  2. Great album ! Thanks for sharing !

  3. I'm sold. Thank you.