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Sixties pop, easy listening and an album that never existed

First album is from 1968 and it is from Rainbow Ffolly (spelling is correct :-) ) It is calling ''Sallies Fforth'' . Next one is an sunshine album that was never released as a proper album. I think that's the reason why some people called it the ''lost'' album. It is from a band called ''Fountain Of Youth''. The band had released four singles on Colgem (It was the Monkees' label) and one single from earlier on the Tower label as ''The Crossfires''.  All this songs are on the ''lost'' album & two stereo single mixes from 'Liza Jane' and 'Witness people'.
Fountain of Youth was made up of four guys from Fredericksburg, Texas:
Jimmy Panza (lead vocals & drums)
Gary Itri (bass & vocals)
Gary Jenschke (lead guitar & vocals)
Ken Molberg (rhythm guitar & vocals)

And the third and last one for today is 'Roger Nichols And  The Small Circle Of Friends

A true sleeper in the context of California pop. As a songwriter, Roger Nichols wrote with such luminaries as Paul Williams and Tony Asher (fresh from his collaboration with Brian Wilson on Pet Sounds, who co-wrote several of the selections here). The album is a lot of things at once. Soft pop, a smattering of rock, and a heavy dose of easy listening. The group itself has a great vocal blend. Nichols is joined by Murray MacLeod and his sister, Melinda. The three voices combined create a wonderful, soft sheen, equally effective on the ballads (Bacharach's "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart") and uptempo numbers ("Don't Take Your Time"). There is an extremely gorgeous version of the Goffen&King song "Snow Queen," which is a graceful waltz, underpinned by the groups' superb vocals. The credits on the album are a virtual who's who of California pop at the time. Among those who helped out on the project on one way or another are Lenny Waronker, Van Dyke Parks, Bruce Botnick, and Randy Newman. Superbly produced by Tommy LaPuma, the album unfortunately didn't do very well at the time of its release, which is an incredible injustice. The music, though, holds up extremely well today, and is an authentic slice of California pop. Delicious.Thanks to
Matthew Greenwald from allmusic.

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  1. Rainbow Ffolly link :!75MVEYKb!QdGHCsybD6zheAhoJO0k64TXsr-BJJ-XS9pDH2ZJRzg

    Roger Nicholls :!T11zAQwA!u-E4nRDZ7eht_T3bPGziABzF97rnixNhb_LzYScO7Fw

    Fountains Of Youth :!3hkmXSBa!ZlOx0iyiZ1DxP-1tT67eMSoutYxwu6Vh4Ap1jRvnz0c

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  2. Great blog my friend! Thanks for the post!

  3. Wow, it's cool to learn that Fountain of Youth recorded this much stuff. Their song "Sunshine On A Cold Morning" was put on "60s Psych Pop Treasures" Volume 8 and is one of that collection's highlights.

    As for the Roger Nichols Trio, they actually charted with that version of "Snow Queen." They got to #129 on the Bubbling Under chart, where it stayed for three weeks starting 1/28/67. It was their only chart entry, but as these things go, it was a pretty good one.

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  7. @Days of Broken Arrows So far i know that is all they recorde. Some days ago i read on a website where the nephew of the guitarist of FOY talked and said that his uncle is passing away. I think the time is come where our musical heros slowly will go.
    Thanks for your informative post and have a nice day