Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Chevelles - Rollerball Candy 1995 (Flac)

Rollerball Candy was released by Running Circle in early 1995. The album was more varied than Gigantic, displaying a punk sound in "Delirium" and including a melodic ballad called "Fall". Its 15 tracks made it a long album for a pop group but in essence it was tailor-made for Spanish rock and roll fans.
Initial sales of the record in Spain and Portugal were encouraging. Response from Spanish press and radio was excellent. The record received strong reviews in established Spanish rock zines like Ruta 66, Beaten Generation and La Musica, in which the band were compared to DM3 and The Dubrovniks.

The Chevelles are a great Power Pop band from Australia. If you like melodies like candy with rockin guitars and a real rock attitude you are right here.
“It’s the Who meets the Ramones meets the Easybeats meets Beach Blanket Bingo! It’s the criminals Australia wants to ship back to England and call it even! It’s the High Priests of the Barbarella Girl God Love Cult!
It’s The Chevelles!”

- Little Steven Van Zandt 

Nothing more to say...have fun

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  1. link:!e5FFnB5T!-pn5QiVzrpoHNvuQO4Ndqc51N-jUbxGQSLu5jWAebCc

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  2. The Chevelles played Maxwells in Hoboken about 10 years ago and were fantastic.