Thursday, 29 December 2016

Ken Stringfellow - Touched (2001) mp3

Though his name might be unfamiliar to all but the most dedicated indie rock geeks, Ken Stringfellow has been flirting with stardom for over a decade, first as one-half of the Posies, then as a member of Big Star, a sideman with R.E.M., and a producer for indie upstarts like Damien Jurado. With the Posies on temporary hiatus, Stringfellow went into the studio in the summer of 2000 with legendary producer Mitch Easter, and the result is an indie pop album with classic sound that falls somewhere between Matthew Sweet and Elliott Smith. The first thing you notice about Touch is that the devil lies in the details: Whether it's the pedal steel guitar that wails below the Eagles-style country-rock of "Down Like Me" or the retro organ that lends a Doors-like trippiness to "Spanish Waltz," Stringfellow makes all the little things count. Of course, the polished pop songcraft of songs like "This One's On You" and "Sparrow" proves that the singer/songwriter's sound would likely pack just as much punch even if he were rockin' it folkie style, with just an acoustic guitar and his elastic voice. But with Easter's nimble touch behind the boards, you'll be glad he didn't.
This guy is on the way to a legend! ''What ?'' i hear some people say and they shake her heads in disbelief. But imho all the musical things where Stringfellow was involved as the leading head had a great extraordinary quality. Basically in Indiepop, Power pop, alternative pop at home in all of his efforts you can hear his influences which often are not american. Nevertheless he always sounds like an american artist. And i think that is the real reward of his work.
Okay, enough blabbed. Enjoy the music and later more but before i have a date wih my doctor.

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  2. SB1 Just found your blog a few weeks back and noticed no comments on the posts. Just wanted to say keep up the good work-some very interesting tasty stuff is finding its way onto the net via your little slice of it..and it's much appreciated! Have an excellent New Year.

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