Saturday, 24 December 2016

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

Hello everybody out there on this very special day (whatever this means for every individual person). For me the day began after a cup of coffee immediately with work. My lovely wife gave the  instructions and i had to do it...last arrangements in the living room (where we will celebrate the christmas eve) like decorate the room and the christmas tree and any other little things.
But i like to do things like that, because it is for a great lovely and beautiful meeting in the evening with the family and beloved friends. The good news for me is: It is strictly forbidden for me to enter the kitchen. :-) !!!

Okay Ladies and Gentleman i wish all of you a wonderful Christmas celebration with good friends and family. Full of harmony and good good good GOOD VIBRATIONS. I hope all will have a nice day.

 My post for today is a collection of Power pop songs . I did the collection by myself. It's called ''SB's Power pop Collection Vol.1''. I think it is a little bit more personally post for this special day.
If you like it grab it - if not take my best wishes for christmas.

Here is the tracklist for the collection:

01 The Finkers - This Time It's Love
02 Feel - She Makes the Make-Up Look Good.mp3
03 Martin Luther Lennon - I Own the World.mp3
04 The Shazam - The Concept.mp3
05 Starclock - Yo Pussycat.mp3
06 The Royalties - Bring It On.mp3
07 The Syrups - Miss I Don't Understand You.mp3
08 Turnback, The - Beyond Belief.mp3
09 Brainpool - Ready! Steady! Go!.mp3
10 Big Kid - When I Met the Girl.mp3
11 The Shelters - Birdwatching.mp3
12 Farrah - Do You Ever Think of Me.mp3
13 The Innocents - Your Precious Touch.mp3
14 Brainpool - Holidays.mp3
15 The Waking Hours - Whispered News.mp3
16 The Struts - Put Your Money On Me.mp3
17 Jason Falkner - Do Ya.mp3
18 Lisa Mychols - Hearts Beat in Stereo.mp3
19 The Struts - Put Your Money On Me.mp3
20 Myhr, David - Loveblind.mp3
21 Ashley, Corin - Geez Louise.mp3
22 Merrymakers, The - I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better.mp3
23 DM3 - Can't Get What You Want.mp3
24 Millard Powers - She's So Clean.mp3
25 The Sun Kings - Only a Night.mp3

Okay, the link is in the comments

Three cheers
See you


  1. link :!PgN0ESyK!lOc_wuqRwryLSeuPoYPpkcHeraEoqCha9QGmXk67saQ

    pass: SB1

  2. Thank you! Keep the power pop coming! And happy new year!

  3. Same to you my friend

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  5. This is an amazing collection! I don't know if I've ever heard of more than two of the artists, but I am totally loving this. Take a bow, sir - well done!

  6. Really good compilation. Lots of bands I have, but, with the exception of the DM3 song, different songs than I have ever used on my own compilations. Been listening to this almost non-stop for a month. Thanks,

  7. Thanks. Love the Power Pop