Friday, 23 December 2016

The Astral Projection - The Astral Scene (1968) Sunshine Psychedelic Pop (Flac)


Heavily orchestrated and glistening with birdsong harmonies and melodies, The Astral Scene rests firmly on the soft-rock wing occupied by the Cowsills, the Association and the Blades of Grass. The production values are clean and sparkly, the structures are adventurous enough to prompt repeated spins, and the performances are disciplined and proportioned.
Tracks like “(Mind Flight) Overture – The Airways Of The Imagination,” “The Happening People,” “Accordion Pleated Mind” and “(Astral Exploration)…Overtures, Dreams, Shadows And Illusions” illustrate the group’s positive affirmations to solid effects. Rhythms drift, float and soar, and the textures of the tunes are flush with color and motion. Pumping big brass sounds, string arrangements and flower pop motifs into a single blender, The Astral Scene rolls in as an early indication of new age music. Brain food for the ears, the disc is certainly a curious period piece.
In my opinion this a completely underrated album. Great arrangements paired with good songs and fine vocals. Please give it a try.You want be disappointed if you like this genre.

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  2. Thank you! BTW, FLAC is much appreciated.