Friday, 30 December 2016

A Fragile Tomorrow - Be Nice Be Careful (2013)

The band's fourth studio album, titled Be Nice Be Careful and produced by Mitch Easter and Ted Comerford, was released on January 8, 2013 via the band's Piewillie Records. The album was also released in Japan on the same day as its US release via Powerpop Academy/Thistime Records. Initially, the album garned much critical acclaim, with Audiophile Reviews saying that "be nice be careful redefines powerpop for the 21st century"  and Musoscribe claiming "If this is the state of powerpop in early 2013, things look good for the future".

That's what the press said about the album. A lot of heavyweights are involved here. Names like Susan Cowsill, Don Dixon, Deb and Vicki Peterson, Shaun Rhoades speaks for itself not to forget
Mr Easter and Mr Comerford.
And yes this is a fine album. Give it a try and listen to it! Sorry but it's only VBR around 220 -
230. If anybody want come up with a better copy feel free and send me an email.

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