Friday, 4 August 2017

Barnaby Bye - Room To Grow 1973 (2010 Wounded Birds) Flac & mp3@320

With the formidable combination of talent, good looks, and a world class producer, it is surprising that Barnaby Bye's debut album, Room to Grow, wasn't a runaway smash. The talented twin teen-heartthrobs Bobby and Billy Alessi, together with former Blues Magoos guitarist Peppi Castro (aka, Emil Thielhelm), and ex-Illusion drummer Michael Ricciardella released Room to Grow in 1973 on Atlantic with some success, but without the popularity they probably deserved.
Their combination of Beatles-inspired songwriting, Queen-like vocal harmonies, and predilection for camp actually worked because they were talented enough to pull it off without sounding completely derivative. Exemplified by tunes like the wonderfully Brit-sounding "Jessie Girl," and the Marc Bolan-meets-Roy Wood rocker "Marsha Mamaillia," the boys proved that they could pay homage to their heroes without quoting them directly. As a result, the album is surprisingly solid and cohesive, with ballads like Billy Alessi's "I Feel for You" and Bobby Alessi's "Laneya" providing just the right amount of breathing room for the more upbeat tracks.

Barnaby Bye's Long Island-take on Brit-pop was probably more of a template for later retro-rock outfits like Jellyfish and the Merrymakers than the original bands themselves. A solid, fun, and enjoyable effort, Room to Grow should find a comfortable spot in any serious collection of '70s pop/rock.(allmusic)

Wonderful album by a gang of gifted musicians. Why an album like this failed to jump in the charts of the first half seventies is a mistery to me. If you like pop rock at it's best you should give it a try.
I will post the album that the band released one year later as well.
Have fun
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  1. I really enjoyed this album.
    Thanks for sharing it and introducing me to some great music that I'd never heard before.
    All the best from down under in Australia.....

    1. Hello Chris, thanks for your kind comment.
      Have a nice day