Saturday, 8 April 2017

Graham Gouldman - The Graham Gouldman Thing 1968 (1992 Edsel) Flac & mp3

Here is another odd review of Mr Unterberger:

Gouldman issued this solo album in 1968, featuring his own versions of the hits "For Your Love," "Bus Stop," and "No Milk Today" with eight other original tunes. The album blends pensive, acoustic-guitar driven compositions with light orchestral arrangements. It's a pleasant record, but ultimately does not measure up to the monster hit covers of his tunes. He's only an adequate singer, and the slower, more elaborately produced versions of "Bus Stop" and "For Your Love" are not nearly as good as the hard-charging renditions by the Yardbirds and Hollies. A decent curio, though, highlighted by "Pawnbroker" and "Upstairs Downstairs," which would have fit in well on the Hollies' 1966-1967 records.(''Richie'' Unterberger)
Rev-Ola back (more  nice)

.... .... sorry,... no words.
Okay i think the most of you know this album and the man who made it. That's enough to know about the album. I post it in flac now because i haven't seen it for a long time in flac all over the web.
But maybe i am just too lazy for a long search :-)
boring Edsel artwork back...

Have fun
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