Thursday, 6 April 2017

Classic Album: Chris Bell - I Am The Cosmos (2009 Rhino HandMade Records, Deluxe Edition) Flac

Unreleased for over 15 years, I Am the Cosmos is nevertheless an enduring testament to the brilliance of Chris Bell; lyrically poignant and melodically stunning, this lone solo album is proof positive of his underappreciated pop mastery. While cuts like "Get Away," "I Got Kinda Lost," and "Fight at the Table" recall the glowing, energetic power pop of Bell's earlier work, the majority of the songs on I Am the Cosmos are more reflective and deeply personal; the title track is a harrowingly schizophrenic tale of romantic despair, while other cuts like the lurching "Better Save Yourself" and the lovely "Look Up" are infused with a spiritual power largely missing from his Big Star material.
The album's highlight, "You and Your Sister" -- which features backing vocals from none other than Bell's Big Star mate Alex Chilton -- is simply one of the great unknown love songs in the pop canon, a luminous and fragile ballad almost otherworldly in its beauty.(allm,

At first: I will post tomorrow the mp3 version, too. About the album is nothing more to say. Too much people had everything told about it and Chris Bell. You better listen to it! It's with full Rhino artwork. They have done a very good job together with the people (Chris' brother, the people and friends from Chris by Ardent) who was involved in the realisation of this expanded double disc set.
If you like it you can buy it here.
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  1. Fantastic album. Thank you very much!!!!

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